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Camilla & Bob



    From Zoe

    Welcome to 'The Little Site of Sex Fantasies', a meeting place for you to read and maybe test drive these lovely little fantasies with who ever your heart desires. You can take a little peep at what we all do or would like to do. No one doubts that our imagination is the greatest gift we have. We can be excited by subtle and sensuous links, perhaps music, perfume, romantic destinations.

    To enhance the little stories, and with a seductive wink at the Art Deco period, wonderful visual interpretations are created by the artist, Bo Mak. This is an exploration into a world of sexual delight and naughtiness. One day I might write your fantasy and that will be a pleasure and a delight.

    Links are here to my face book, twitter and pinterest boards. where you can enjoy social commentary, fabulous fashion, fun, art, and poetic text. I like, sometimes, to tell you about my friends, great coffee and my personal adventures.

    Always naughty, often romantic, occasionally funny, forever sharing, I'm Zoe Zuckermann.